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Things to see and do in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil with a population of over 20 million residents. Located on the South East coast of Brazil, Sao Paulo is famous for its world class restaurants, art and culture, nightlife and sublime tropical climate. This article will provide information on what there is to see and do during holidays in Sao Paulo while giving advice on how to book your holiday late for a better price.

Sao Paulo is often unfairly overlooked by visitors to Brazil. It is a city brimming with life, culture and a varied cuisine that is sure to delight even the fussiest eater. It is an ideal location for every type of traveller; families are well catered for as are couples, backpackers and party goers.

One of the main attractions in Sao Paul is 'Ibirapuera Park'. Located towards the centre of the city, this 545 acre park features lakes, fountains, and a planetarium. Ibirapuera Park is also home to the Museu de Arte Moderne (the Museum of Modern Art) and the 'Pavilhao de Oca' convention centre where concerts, plays and other shows can be seen.

Sao Paulo is also famous for its expansive and lively nightlife. Dance clubs, jazz clubs, blues clubs, disco clubs, comedy clubs, bars and more can be found on every street corner with excited Brazilians enjoying the night's festivities. Drinks are also relatively cheap, meaning a night spent partying won't break the bank.

Sao Paulo's shopping district is also gaining international recognition, in particular due to the rising popularity of the annual Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Shopping malls featuring boutique shops can be found on the main streets towards the middle of the city while smaller shops featuring hand made clothes and souvenirs can be found on smaller side streets.

Other sights in Sao Paulo include the 204 acre Sao Paulo zoo that holds more than 366 different species of animals, the 'Mercado Municipal' market that features lively restaurants and hundreds of stalls filled with all types of products to buy and the Municipal Theater where cultural exhibitions are frequently held. Sao Paulo is also home to the Brazilian Formula 1 race which is normally held towards the end of the year in the months of November or December.

Sao Paulo also hosts more than 90,000 local events each year, the most famous of which is the Sao Paulo Carnival. Held on the national bank holiday at the end of February, the Sao Paulo Carnival sees tens of thousands of Sao Paulo residents heading to the streets to dress up in extravagant costumes and play samba music.

One way to save money on a holiday to Sao Paulo is to look for the late holiday deals. A great number of travel agents and airlines are unable to sell all their travel tickets and, in a bid to clear them out, often hand out large last minute discounts to entice customers to buy them. By waiting and keeping an eye out, it's possible to get huge discounts and save a great deal of cash on the cost of the holiday.

Sao Paulo is a city that caters well for every type of tourist and, by keeping an eye out for last minute discounts, it needn't be an expensive place to visit. With a warm tropical climate and a wealth of things to see and do, Sao Paulo is the perfect place to enjoy your next holiday.